Constructing a family genealogy takes many long hours of research. The following people have contributed material for this site and the entire family thanks them for their hard work:

  • Harold S. Langeland (27 September 1898 - 10 October 1989) on the Langeland Family History. He put in over 35 years of work on their genealogy in the US and Norway.
  • Phyllis and Ivan Rice for the Taets-Hugart Family History, with information on the Dhamers and other families as well. and for their .paf files, to which I have added additional information. 
  • Jackie Salisberry for supplying additional information.
  • Phyllis Thompson Evans Courtois (24 February 1917 - 13 August 2003)  for information and photos.
  • Bill "Chip" Evans for information.
  • Julia Ashley Cunniff for photos.
  • Jackie Cunniff for photos and information.
  • Paul Joseph Cunniff, Jr. for photos and information.
  • Tricia Morgan (Patricia Lae Vaughn Thompson aka The Digital Diva) built the site, scanned countless documents and images, and added text on the family members.

Thompson Family History
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